Skills Inventory

This skills inventory will help you identify your expertise and talents from your professional career and other areas of your life.

Complete the following questions to uncover your skills, talents and expertise. Once completed, choose those you wish to use in your ideal career.

If you prefer, you can download the Skills Inventory to your desktop and print a hard copy.

Current Career

What abilities and expertise are involved in your current career?

  • Describe your current position and outline your responsibilities.
  • What personal qualities and attributes enhance your performance?
  • What natural gifts and talents do you bring to the job?
  • What positive feedback have you received that highlights your abilities?

Consider: communication, computer, management, leadership, technical, people, organizational, planning, marketing, promotional, financial, training, and analytical skills.

Education and Training

You have skills and expertise from your earlier education. No doubt, you have had additional training and professional development since then.

  • What courses have you taken?
  • What additional training have you participated in?
  • What are your skills and expertise from education and training?

Hobbies and Creative Projects

Your hobbies and creative projects are a showcase for your natural gifts and talents - talents you may take for granted.

  • What hobbies do you enjoy?
  • What artistic or creative projects have you been involved in?
  • What skills and talents were used?

Consider: writing, painting, drawings, singing, music, woodworking, sculpting, sewing, knitting, gardening and outdoor activities.

Volunteering and Community Activities

Volunteer jobs are opportunities to use your skills in new areas. You can also gain new experience while working in a different environment.

  • Where have you volunteered?
  • What role did you play in a community project?
  • What skills did you use?
  • What did you enjoy about the volunteer duties?

Consider: Coaching, mentoring, fund raising, sales, record keeping, and serving.

Family Projects and Household Responsibilities

Family, parenting, and household responsibilities all require talents and skills.

  • What skills do you use at home?

Consider: caring for others, first-aid, meal planning, coordinating schedules, budgeting, decorating, painting, maintenance and repairs.

From your skills inventory, list your favorite skills and talents.

What talents and abilities do you wish to use in your ideal career?

Be sure to complete the Values Exercise so you know what values you wish to honor when changing careers.

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